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How to prepare for interviews and assessments

It’s perfectly natural to feel apprehensive before an interview. In fact, it’s often a sign that you’ll perform really well. The key is to keep any nerves in check and use them to your advantage.

Here are some hints and tips that you might find helpful before your interview or assessment.

Breathing techniques

Calm, controlled breathing is an excellent way to focus your thinking and stay relaxed. There are plenty of methods out there, so do a little research and find the one that works for you, so you can turn to it easily if needed.

Positive thinking

There’s a good reason you’ve been invited for an interview, so bring that confidence with you. Even if you’ve had setbacks before, this is a fresh opportunity and a positive outlook will make a huge difference on the day.

Fed and watered

Feeling empty or dehydrated will affect your concentration, so make sure you eat and drink well beforehand. If you need to take snack breaks during your interview to manage a medical condition, just let us know in advance.

Virtually seamless

If you’ve been invited to a virtual interview, be ready in good time, find a quiet place and remember to check your tech beforehand. Consider using headphones to improve your audio quality, and make sure your camera is working properly.


Try using this handy answering technique – it will help you structure what you say, so you cover off the important points.


Situation: give some context and background


Task: describe what you were responsible for


Action: explain how you completed the task or met the challenge


Result: tell us the outcome or results of your actions

Your turn

The interview is a two-way street, and a great chance for you to find out more about us. Have your questions ready!

Be you

At the end of the day, it’s just a conversation. Being yourself will help both of us know if we’re going to work well together.