Working towards a sustainable Society

As the first Building Society to be awarded B Corp status, we’re serious about making positive change happen. To meet the challenges ahead, we’re focussing our efforts in three main areas.


We’re all about people. It drives our brilliant service to members, our desire to build an inclusive, supportive and ambitious workplace, and why we encourage aspiration, opportunity and connection in the communities we serve. It’s about helping people be better off through life, and it’s central to who we are.


Being a successful business means we can make opportunities happen. As we grow, we serve more members, helping them save for a better future and enjoy the benefits of home ownership. We offer exciting and challenging careers and help colleagues achieve their potential. And we have more resources to share with those who need most help in our communities.


We’ve been carbon neutral since 2021 and are confident we’ll achieve Net Zero in our own operations by 2030. We’re also part of the huge challenge to reduce housing emissions, with innovations like discounted loans for energy-efficient home improvements or information tools to help members play their part too.